If I stop eating after 7 will this help me lose weight?

Yes, in most people adopting this method will work.

If you take your overall daily calorie allowance you have set yourself, that remains the same over a 24 hour period no matter what time you eat, even after 7pm.

On the other hand the body naturally craves more sweet sugary foods later in the evening. This could be because you enjoy food while watching tv relaxing, or things like you have had a rubbish day at work, so your cortisol levels rise (stress hormone) so you reach for something sweet to make you feel better.  All sorts of situations like this arise typically in the evening. Lets face it how many times have you got the cravings to demolish an entire tub of Ben + Jerry’s ice cream at 9am? Not many. But if I ask that same question and change that to a time in the evening, your answer would most likely be the opposite.

Junk food containing lots of calories are typically consumed later in the evening, so If you commit to not eating after say 7pm, then the chances of you losing weight increases significantly due to lack of junk food consumed.

If you know you’re going to have a treat later in the evening I would suggest cutting down your calories during the day so you have some left to play with in the evening.

Team ‘On The Go Nutrition’