Can you spot reduce fat?

So most people have either said, heard, or wanted to ask this question. ‘Can I just lose fat from around my belly area?’

A very common question within this industry, and the answer is no. You cannot spot reduce fat.

Everyone is different, people store body fat in different areas. One person may store most of their body fat within their belly area, while not holding much fat in the legs and chest area. While another person may store most of their body fat in their legs and not much around the mid section. Everyone is different.

When we train, fat will decrease in the areas it genetically chooses to first, you can’t alter that, its genetics. People can try and train that area more than once a week to increase their lean muscle tissue, but still, fat will decrease first where it naturally does.

Remember your calorie intake will dictate your fat loss, if you are consuming too many calories compared to what you are burning, you will not lose any body fat.

Team ‘On The Go Nutrition’