Calories are the most important thing which will determine our body weight and body fat.  It is a simple equation……if you consume more calories than you burn (calorie surplus) then you will gain weight. If you consume less calories than you burn you will lose weight (calorie deficit).  From coaching people for many years I have found that a lot of people don’t actually realise how many calories they consume then wonder why they cant lose weight. People can easily forget about adding things like a tablespoon of olive oil to their food (119 calories) or having half an avocado as a quick healthy snack (180 calories) or the milk in your tea. They all count! 

Eating healthy food is always going to have positive effects on the human body, but at the same time we still need to be aware of how much we are eating.  If you are burning 2000kcals per day, but eating 2500kcals per day (even of healthy food) it will lead to weight gain.

Type in on google ‘TDEE Calculator’. This is  your Total Daily Energy Expenditure. It takes into account all of your data you provide, including the type of job you do, and the amount of times you exercise per week.  It will give you the estimated amount of calories you need to either maintain the same weight you currently sit at, or lose weight in a sensible calorie deficit.

I would always advice my clients to be in a calorie deficit of 500kcals per day, this equals 1lb per week on average of weight loss.  If you decrease your calories too much too soon, then your body could start to shut down and head into starvation mode. By decreasing your calories by 500 per day it means you don’t end up starving yourself. Feeling hungry due to starvation may lead to food binges which could un-do all the positive work you have done prior to this.

Want to work high calorie binge meals into your diet and calorie targets? Here is what I recommend. Take your estimated amount of calories for each day (from your TDEE)and multiply it by 7 which should give you a weekly calorie figure. Start this weekly figure on a FRIDAY, because lets face it weekends are usually the main focal point of treats. By starting your calories on a Friday, if you have a huge binge and eat 6,000 calories in 1 day on the weekend,  you can re-calculate how many calories you have left for the rest of the week in order to still hit that calorie deficit in order to lose that 1lb per week. This way next time you want a treat, you may hold back a little because you know it means you will need to save your calories for the week ahead.

Team ‘On The Go Nutrition’