Are low carb meals the right option to lose weight?

Yes and no. There are two different sides to this.

So lets put the facts in place, carbohydrates contain 4 calories per gram, so does protein, whereas fat contains 9 calories per gram. Carbohydrates are the body’s main source of energy, for most people anyway. Some people who follow paleo diets have tuned their body to use protein and fats as their main source of energy, quite often at the expense of their social life.

Anyway, so why does low carb meals help keep us lean?

Ask yourself, when was the last time you ever turned to someone and said ‘oh I’ve eaten too much meat today’ (unless its fried chicken). I bet its not often. But how many times have you been mega bloated and full from the carbohydrate source which you added to your meal? A lot.

When people go on low carb diets, without releasing they are quite often creating that calorie deficit they need. For example if you was to have some form of chicken and vegetables, I can tell you now you will be consuming far less calories than if you was to have chicken with chips. Both will fill you up leaving you satisfied  but one will contain far fewer calories.

So when people include lots of carbohydrates in their diets, they quite often consume too many calories without realising which leads to weight gain. Low carb meals typically contain far less calories which is vital to weight loss. Vegetables are a brilliant way to fill you up, while keeping the calories down.

To summarise I would say the more times you train per week, the more carbs you can consume, typically because you will be burning the calories along the way. Having carbs at every meal is not a problem if you are sensible at tracking calories, but quite often people don’t do this and go overboard.

Remember calories will dictate weight loss, not the marco type (proteins, carbs, fats) but over consuming calories usually come from carbohydrates we add to our meals.

Team ‘On The Go Nutrition’