About Us

‘On The Go Nutrition’ was founded in 2019 by a Devonshire personal trainer looking for a solution to help his clients with their morning nutrition struggles. Many of his clients were too busy for breakfast, didn’t want to eat first thing or just weren’t enjoying breakfast, so he launched On The Go Nutrition. Since then it has been a huge hit with not only his clients, but also thousands of customers across the UK.

What makes us different

We feel we have created the perfect formula in order to recharge sleepy bodies, satisfy taste buds and keep the hunger at bay to prevent unwanted snacking. Our shakes are perfect for a quick, easy yet delicious breakfast alternative that can be consumed on the go.


Our delicious healthy shakes not only contain a whopping 30g protein per serving, but also boast other key ingredients such as Caffeine, Green Tea Extract, Multivitamin and Minerals, L-Carnitine, Oat Flour and more! Click here to read about the benefits and see how our shake can help you.

We understand people don’t always have time for breakfast, or want something quick and easy. This makes our shakes perfect to meet the demand.


We have three traditional flavours; Smooth Banana, Double Chocolate Brownie, or Strawberries and Cream. Each mix to give you a perfect creamy shake, even when mixed with water!

Now you’ll always have time for breakfast!

Thank you

Team ‘On The Go Nutrition’